Below you will find some suggestions for packages but we are more than happy to customize an arrangement according to your wishes so you get to experience the best of Österlen. Below you will find  some examples of what we can offer…

Guest house “getaway package”

With us, you will feel comfortable – as in the guesthouses from earlier times.
Relax with a book in the greenhouse or in the garden. Walk along the beach and enjoy the eternal. Our package below allows you to book all days on arrival Tuesday to Sunday.
On Mondays we have closed the restaurant.

One day package
When you arrive you can enjoy coffee or tea with some home made cake in the lounge or in the garden.
In the evening we will serve you 3 course meal inspired from our family recipes.
After a good night’s sleep between the linen sheets and in the morning you enjoy the house’s “Breakfast for Bonviviants”

Price: 1.415kr / pers

Two day package
First day as above.

Second day;
After a wonderful breakfast, enjoy the day at Österlen. If you wish, we will help you with suggestions experiences / activities.

The evening you will start the dinner  with
1 glass of Prosecco
4-course dinner – traditionel regional food  interpreted in our way.

Price: 2.875kr / pers


Österlen has more than 100 km of walking trails over Brösarps hills, Verkåns beautiful valley extending over more than 3000 hectares nature reserve with moors, woods, spring and sea. Österlens magical light meets you when you walks towards east, sky face the sea and the golden fields waves. Here you find the highest waterfall in Skåne and during the winter when the snow is white you have a panoramic view over the sea in the ski trail.

We offer customized hiking tours. If wanted, we drive you to the starting point and pick you up after the tour. If you want lunch we can make warm soups, tasty sandwiches or fresh salads to bring. If the tour allows we can serve lunch along the trail.

Back home you can rest your feet in front of the fireplace or in the garden deckchairs, depending on weather. Dinner is served on demand in the greenhouse depending on the time of the year – we have an iron stove in there so the season for dining there is quite long – otherwise we light the candles, make a fire in the fireplace in front of the dining table and let you enjoy your dinner in Peace.


When you arrive you can enjoy coffee or tea with some home made cake in the lounge or in the garden. Perhaps you have time to enjoy a few hours in the surroundings or take a short walk along the beach of Haväng  and back over the moor  –  about 2.5 km long walk.

In the evening we will serve you a 3 course meal inspired from the families secret recepies.

After a good night’s sleep and our famous  breakfast  it’s time to start the adventures of the day with a rug packed with a luxury lunch. You will walk along  ringling small river of  Verkån on paths surrounded  by beech wood. A walk about 9 km (the distance is partly quite hilly).

The evening will  start with
1 glass of Prosecco continued with a
4-course dinner – traditional regional food interpreted in our way.

Then you sleep well in the silence between the linen sheets.

Price: 3100: – / person


Salmon fishing in Österlen has never been better than now.

We work with one of Sweden’s most experienced fishing guides – Johan Abelsson. His experience, boat and equipment are top class which guarantees a fishing experience beyond the ordinary. Johan lives just a few hundred meters from our hotel. In the morning he will pick you up together with a generous lunch basket prepared according to you wishes.

When you return in the evening after a great day at sea, we take care of your clothes and shoes so they will be dry and warm next morning. After some rest in the sofas you will be served a tasty 3-course dinner in front of the fireplace – often inspired by the landlady´s home country Hungary.

After a good night sleep and a delicious breakfast, prepared according to your wishes, you will be ready for a new day with new adventures.

We help you with booking and take care of all arrangements.


We work with Lars and Vanja the owners of Stall Torparebron, one of Österlens most exclusive riding companies. They customize the tour according to your wishes and level of riding skills. You can either choose a private tour or ride in a group of 2-4 persons. You can choose between their 3 Irish sport horses, 1 full blood horse and 1 D-pony, all stable and calm horses.

The stable is located in the middle of Brösarps backar from where you can ride on the beautiful hills, through the woods along Verkån (a river), through apple orchards or to the sea.

You can choose from full day tours with lunch or half-day tours, and if you like you can try terrain jumping.

We work closely with Lars and Vanja to bring you the best experience of riding on Österlen. We can drive you to the stable after a delicious breakfast made from organic, locally produced food. After the riding tour we drive you back to the hotel, we take care of your riding equipment and dinner will be served in front of the fireplace or in the greenhouse. During summer we offer BBQ enjoyed outside in the pergola.


We can help you with booking a bike package with our fantastic talanted English guide Adam. He is really good at finding the small paths in the rolling hill sides, or through the woods and fields. He adapts every tour to the participants. We send with lunch, or meet you with lunch or you will make a nice stop along the road. Adam is at your service with bicycles and his tours are full or half day or more for those who is accustomed.

When you return in the evening we serve a three course dinner in front of the fire, in the green house or outside if the weather allows it. Let us know your request and we will return with suggestions.


We also can help you with bird watching for example tran- or eaglesafari, and coming autumn we hope that we can offer hunting in Österlen, fishing courses with Johan and baking courses with an amazing baker and much more…